Bariatric Surgery Effectiveness Is Well Established

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crossword board with word "transformation" in blueBariatric surgery is extremely effective — although it’s not for everybody, and not everybody is a candidate for a weight loss procedure. If after reading this short blog post you think you might be a candidate, be sure to complete an informational seminar on bariatric surgeries to help increase your knowledge and to help you determine which procedure is right for you.

Knowledge is power — the power to transform your body and your life.

Effectiveness of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery effectiveness is a well-established medical success story. The phrase “bariatric surgery” is a catch-all for several different types of weight loss surgeries, many of which are offered here at Oregon Weight Loss Surgery (OWLS):

Each of these procedures has their pros and cons — and the pros and cons will be different for each individual. The OWLS staff will help you navigate your way through this wealth of information to arrive at the best choice for you.

Don’t fret — it’s no sweat! In fact, just by reading this post, you’re already on the way to a healthier and slimmer you.

Bariatric surgeries work by either reducing the size of the patient’s stomach, removing a portion of the stomach or by re-routing the small intestine. (Click on the links in the list above for more details on each procedure.) But there’s a lot that has to go right after surgery, too, in order for the long-lasting effects of the bariatric surgery to take hold.

For example, studies have shown that long-term follow-up is essential to maintaining permanent weight loss. Oregon Weight Loss Surgery’s team of experts will help you transition into your new life (and body!) with the tools and support you’ll need post-surgery.

It’s also helpful to attend support groups with other bariatric surgery patients. The more support, the better your chances of success! And, of course, patients who institute a health and wellness program for themselves — consisting of a proper diet and regular exercise — also achieve great results from bariatric surgery.

Bariatric Surgery Success Stories

The Oregon Weight Loss Surgery website is filled with bariatric surgery success stories. (And our list of clients who’ve lost weight and kept it off is longer still!) Let’s look at just two of OWLS’ favorite bariatric surgery successes.

Heather lost 110 pounds after having gastric sleeve surgery, and she dropped from a size 28 to a size 10.5! In addition, she was able to come off her blood pressure meds in just four weeks. She continues to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including hitting the gym four days a week, thanks no doubt in part to the increased energy she feels after dropping all that weight.

Rob, who had gastric bypass surgery, went from 320 pounds to 217 pounds (a loss of 103 pounds).

“I am just about 100 percent off any medication I was on prior to surgery,” Rob says. “My most recent heart examination showed no signs of failure, and my cholesterol is about 130, down from way over 300.”

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