The staff at Oregon Weight Loss Surgery, LLC works to ensure that each person who walks through our doors is treated with the utmost respect and dignity and receives the highest quality health care available. Oregon Weight Loss Surgery, LLC strives to not only save lives, but positively change lives and give patients hope for a healthier and happier future!

How can I pay for bariatric surgery?

One of the most important and difficult questions that a surgery candidate has to face is “How am I going to pay for surgery?”  At Oregon Weight Loss Surgery (OWLS), we are here to help you answer that question.  Many insurance companies will cover part of the cost of surgery.  One of the first things OWLS does is call your insurance company to verify if there is a benefit.  If it is determined that there is no insurance coverage there are still options.  OWLS works with finance companies that specialize in funding medical procedures.  See our Self-Pay page for more information.

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