Does my insurance cover weight loss surgery?

As part of our intake process, we check every patient’s insurance coverage. If you’d like to request a free insurance check, please follow this link.

We have a team of insurance specialists to help you through the insurance maze. Insurance coverage is one of the biggest concerns among bariatric patients. The fact that your surgeon feels surgery is medically necessary and that you meet the surgical eligibility criteria does not automatically mean that your insurance company will pay for surgery. The surgical coverage benefit is primarily determined by the policy holder’s employer, not the insurance company.

Insurance coverage varies and some companies may only pay for a specific surgical procedure at specific hospitals or surgical facilities. The percentage of the total cost that the patient is responsible for paying will also vary depending on the insurance provider and employer. Even if you are in the initial stage of considering weight loss surgery, it may benefit you to know what to expect from your insurance company. We recommend all patients call their employer’s HR department or the information lines on the back of their insurance card.

Please call (503) 227-5050 to speak to our Surgical Program Coordinator.
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