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How Do Surgeons Adjust Gastric Band After Surgery?


A surgeon may need to adjust a gastric band after adjustable gastric band surgery, periodically or only once, depending on the patient’s symptoms and weight loss progress post-surgery. After laparoscopic adjustable gastric band surgery (Lap Band surgery), a medical professional will normally adjust the gastric band at 5 weeks following the operation. Having a gastric…

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Lap Band Results for Lower BMI Patients

New research has revealed that Lap-Band surgery can induce weight loss in long-term obese patients and provides support for use of the procedure in patients with milder obesity. Lap-Band surgery is a laparoscopic procedure that limits food intake with minimum interference with the normal digestive process. By wrapping a silicone band around the upper part of the…

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Dr Patterson performs first Micro Lap-Band Surgery

Dr. Emma Patterson performed the first Micro LAP-BAND procedure, an exciting next step in the advancement of bariatric surgery. This laparoscopic procedure was performed with 2.7 mm instruments, half the size of normal instruments, which means the tiny scars left behind are barely visible. This innovative technology will likely enhance patient privacy, and Oregon Weight…

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On Friday, Dr Patterson became the first surgeon on the west coast to perform a lap band using the new SPIDER surgical device.  The SPIDER Band is a revolutionary device that allows surgery such as adjustable gastric banding or gallbladder removal to be safely performed through a single small incision.  This means patients have fewer…

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