Bariatric Surgery after 60

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A common question in bariatric surgery is what is the maximum age that people should consider weight loss surgery.  Most of the studies showing bariatric surgery prolonging life have been conducted in young patients, and surgical risk increases as we age.  Never the less, bariatric surgery is now conducted very safely, and patients derive many benefits from it, not just improved life expectancy.

We recently reviewed the available literature in bariatric surgery in patients older than 60.  The total number of patients included is low, and there are even fewer in the over 70, or over 80 age groups.  However it appears that both gastric bypass and lap band surgery are safe in well selected and prepared patients over 60.  Patients over 60, on average, tend to lose less weight than patients under 60, but dramatic improvement in weight related medical conditions still occurs.  Measured quality of life also improves dramatically in over-60’s who undergo weight loss surgery.

At Oregon Weight Loss Surgery we have no upper age limit for bariatric surgery.  If you are of reasonable health, have a body mass index of greater than 35, and feel your health could be further improved by permanent weight loss, please fill out an application and attend a free information seminar.  On-line seminars are also available.

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