Gastric Bypass Surgery

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Procedure

What is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery, also known as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB), is a surgical procedure primarily used to treat severe obesity by reducing the size of the stomach and rerouting the small intestine. This surgery aims to limit the amount of food a person can eat and reduce the absorption of nutrients, resulting in weight loss.

At Oregon Weight Loss Surgery, our surgeons have extensive experience intreating obesity through bariatric surgery. Gastric Bypass surgery is one of the many options offered to treat obesity. The first step in understanding if bariatric surgery is right for you, is requesting a consultation.

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How It Works

How the Gastric Bypass Procedure Works

Stomach Reduction

The surgeon creates a small pouch at the top of the stomach, using surgical staples. This restricts the amount of food that can be consumed, leading to a feeling of fullness with smaller portions.

Intestine Rerouting

The small intestine is divided, and the lower portion is connected directly to the small stomach pouch. This bypasses the larger part of the stomach and a portion of the small intestine, reducing the absorption of calories and nutrients.

Am I A Candidate for Gastric Bypass Surgery?

  • Have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher (severe obesity), or a BMI of 35-39.9 along with serious obesity-related health problems such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, or sleep apnea.
  • Have made serious attempts to lose weight through diet and exercise but have been unsuccessful.
  • Are psychologically stable and understand the risks and benefits of the surgery.
  • Are committed to making lifestyle changes post-surgery, including dietary modifications and regular physical activity.

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Risk and Potential Complications

As with any surgical procedure, gastric bypass surgery carries risks and potential complications, including:

  • Infection: Any surgical procedure carries a risk of infection, which can occur in the incision sites or within the abdomen.
  • Bleeding: Excessive bleeding during or after surgery is possible.
  • Leakage: Leakage from the stomach or intestine connections can occur, leading to infections or other complications.
  • Nutritional Deficiencies: Since the surgery reduces the amount of food absorbed ,patients may experience deficiencies in vitamins and minerals such as vitaminB12, iron, calcium, and others. This can lead to long-term health issues if not managed properly.
  • Dumping Syndrome: Rapid emptying of the stomach contents into the small intestine can cause nausea, cramping, diarrhea, dizziness, and sweating after eating.
  • Gallstones: Rapid weight loss increases the risk of developing gallstones, which may require further treatment.

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Take the Next Step Towards a Healthier Life

Take the first step in understanding if bariatric surgery is right for you

Before considering gastric bypass surgery, individuals should request a consultation with Oregon Weight Loss Surgery to thoroughly discuss the risks and benefits, undergo a comprehensive evaluation to determine if they are suitable candidates. Additionally, long-term follow-up care is essential to monitor for potential complications and ensure successful weight loss and maintenance.
Oregon Weight Loss Surgery serving patient in Portland and surrounding areas, offers comprehensive post-operative care for our patients and considers bariatric surgery a life-long commitment.

Why Choose Oregon Weight Loss Sugery for Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Our team of specialists brings together years of experience, a compassionate approach, and a commitment to personalized care. We’re here to support you before, during, and after your surgery, ensuring you have the tools and support needed for a successful journey. Discover why Oregon Weight Loss Surgery in Portland, Oregon, is the right choice for your gastric bypass surgery.