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With our affordable, inclusive self-pay bariatric surgery, we will work directly with you and our preferred specialists to complete the necessary steps to get you to surgery in as little as 4 weeks!

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Affordable Self-Pay Options for Surgery

If you do not have bariatric benefits with your insurance plan, we can work with you to structure a self-pay option that makes sense!

Self-pay bariatric surgery as low as $13,405 and financing options available! We have contracted special self-pay pricing with all of our providers and facilities, and offer weight loss surgery financing through Prosper Healthcare Lending.

Program Requirements

  • Surgical Consultation completed at Oregon Weight Loss Surgery clinic
  • Nutrition counseling completed at Oregon Weight Loss Surgery clinic
  • Psychological evaluation completed at Advantage Point Behavioral
  • Lab work completed at external lab
  • EKG completed at external lab
  • Sleep study Oregon Sleep Associates

*Additional visits or evaluations may be necessary depending on medical history*

How to Qualify

  • Commitment and availability to complete all core program requirements 
in 4 weeks.
  • All funding in place for surgical procedure costs. Financing is 
available through Prosper Healthcare Lending.
  • No previous weight loss surgery.
  • No significant cardiac issues.
  • No significant psychological concerns.
  • No recent pregnancy/not currently breastfeeding or planning 
pregnancy within 12 months.
  • No significant heartburn/GERD or history of ulcers.
  • BMI above 30 with one comorbid condition: Such as – Diabetes, hypertension, PCOS, urinary incontinence, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, dyslipidemia.


  • BMI above 35 without medical condition.
  • BMI below 60 for women OR BMI below 55 for men.
  • Complete pre-op requirements with OWLS recommended providers only.

*Restrictions and exclusions apply.

Oregon Weight Loss Surgery offers financing for your weight loss surgery procedure through Prosper Healthcare Lending.

Financing Application

Frequently Asked

Contact our self-pay coordinator or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page!

What is self-pay bariatric surgery?

Self-pay bariatric surgery refers to paying for weight loss surgery out-of-pocket without relying on insurance coverage.

Why choose self-pay for bariatric surgery?

Individuals may choose self-pay to avoid insurance-related complications, expedite the process, or if they lack insurance coverage for the procedure.

How much does self-pay bariatric surgery cost?

Costs vary widely based on factors such as the type of surgery, the healthcare facility, and geographical location. At Oregon Weight Loss Surgery, we offer an incredibly comprehensive expedited process and cost for bariatric surgery.

Are financing options available for self-pay patients?

We offer Propser Financing as an option for self-pay patients. Visit their website here:

Do I need to meet certain criteria for self-pay bariatric surgery?

While insurance criteria may not apply, we do have specific eligibility requirements, including testing, lab work, and outside clearances. We have partnerships with many providers to offer the specific testing and clearances needed.

What is typically included in the self-pay bariatric surgery package?

Our self-pay program covers the surgical procedure, hospital fees, pre-operative evaluations, and post-operative follow-up care.

Is there a waiting period for self-pay bariatric surgery?

Unlike insurance-based procedures, self-pay patients are able to schedule surgery more quickly, depending on the availability!