Cheryl’s Story

“I began having major back problems and pain that was making it hard to walk much less do simple tasks to be able to care for myself or my family.”

It was frustrating because I tried so many different ways to try to lose the weight. I began to realize that my weight was causing some serious health risks that if I didn’t take steps to get those risks under control I might be around too much longer . I was suffering from high

I had been thinking about it off and on for a year and then I finally realized I had to get serious of I wanted to change my health once and for all. So once I decided to reach out to Oregon Weight loss it was a pretty easy process to get an appointment and be seen for my initial consultation.

It was such an easy process to get started. And once I had my initial consultation they helped me get connected with the other providers I needed so that I could be cleared to complete the 3 month pre-op period my insurance required to be cleared for surgery. So began in May and had surgery in August 2021.

“It has been incredible since surgery I’ve been able to do things I hadn’t been able to do for years. And
even in the 6 months since my surgery I no longer struggle to breathe during long walks or when hiking.
The biggest benefit is that I no longer suffer from the constant back pain I struggled with for so many
years. I’m really excited to see where my health journey takes me next. Because I truly have been given
a second chance at this life and I intend to life life to the fullest!”

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