Sage’s Story

“Before weight loss surgery, I struggled with the simplest of physical tasks.”

I was unable to walk for more than a short distance, I had a lot of joint pain, I was always tired, and I was generally unhappy.

When I went to my primary doctor with concerns for my overall health and how my weight was affecting it, she suggested that I might be a good candidate for weight loss surgery. I got a referral and got started and never looked back. I knew that I had to take action to change my life.

The team at OWLS was amazing. They were always kind and supportive and never made me feel badly about my weight. Dr.. Patterson explained the process well and made me feel confident that I was in good hands. The nutritionist was extremely helpful throughout all of the stages of the process and was always quick to answer questions, both pre- and post-surgery.

My life today is completely different from before I started this process.

I am not in pain, I sleep better,
my moods are improved, I have far more confidence, and I’ve even taken up running as a means of exercise and improving/maintaining my mental health. Having this surgery has changed my life. I have lost nearly half my body weight and I wear a size 8/m, which I haven’t fit in since early high school.

* Please note – Results and individual symptoms may vary.

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