15 Surprising and Unexpected Benefits of Weight Loss

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We all know about the health benefits of weight loss:

  • Less stress on your joints
  • Increased vigor and vitality
  • Improved mood
  • Less tissue inflammationClose up of human hand holding brain illustration
  • Diminished risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers
  • Lower LDL or “bad” cholesterol
  • Higher HDL or “good” cholesterol
  • Lower levels of triglycerides
  • Lower blood pressure
  • And, of course, you’ll look super sharp in your new clothes!

But there are benefits of weight loss that don’t often get mentioned — things that have less to do with health benefits per se and more to do with how things may change for you out there in the “real world.”

It’s important to note that not all of these benefits of weight loss will apply to every person. Some of these may not happen at all! Let’s just say that this is a fun little exercise wherein you’ll learn about some of the things that people who’ve lost a lot of weight have experienced for themselves.

15 Surprising and Unexpected Benefits of Weight Loss

  1. No more Darth Vader masks! If you’ve been using a CPAP machine and mask to treat sleep apnea, losing weight can make it so that you no longer need to don that uncomfortable contraption while you sleep. You’ll probably sleep a lot better, too!
  2. More (and better sex)! Energy levels will likely skyrocket when you lose weight. Plus, you may feel in the mood more often, and your partner might be more in the mood, too.
  3. It’s easier to stay thin. When you shed excess fat, your body has an easier time regulating hormonal imbalances. That means you’re likely to find it easier to maintain your healthy weight.
  4. A glowing complexion. Since you’re now eating better as part of a new and improved dietary regimen, all those healthy foods and additional nutrients can have a dramatic effect on your skin.
  5. You’ll have more money! Less money for food means more money for other things.
  6. You’ll make new friends. According to the good folks at Men’s Journal, a new exercise plan as part of a new healthier you means growing your social circle. “As a result of participating in more than just a Netflix marathon on your couch,” they write, “you meet more people and your social calendar grows.”
  7. You’ll inspire others. After you’ve gone through a weight loss surgical procedure, you might inspire others to find their own path on the way to better health, fitness, and quality of life.
  8. Maybe you’ll get a raise at work. EatThis.com calls this benefit “infuriating but true.” Apparently, a study in Health Economics found that “obese people, especially women, make about 2.5 percent less than their normal-weight co-workers.”
  9. You may be less likely to catch a deadly virus. When the H1N1 virus was spreading across Spain in 2009, doctors there noticed that overweight and obese patients were disproportionately affected. According to an abstract at the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “obese patients were at high risk.”
  10. Food might start to taste better. According to a Stanford University study, obese people have less sensitive taste buds than people who are at a normal weight. Bariatric surgeries actually appear to help increase taste sensitivity!
  11. Your memory may improve. According to John Gunstad, a professor and associate chair of the Department of Psychology at Kent State University, obesity is a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. When Gunstad tested the memory and attention of 150 people who were overweight, he found that “individuals who went through the weight loss surgery showed improvements in memory about 12 weeks after surgery.”
  12. There will be fewer prescriptions to fill. If you’re healthier, your overall wellbeing will improve. Therefore, you might be able to ditch medications used to treat health conditions commonly associated with obesity, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and depression.
  13. Cheaper buzz! If you like to partake in an occasional alcoholic beverage, you’ll probably notice it takes fewer drinks to catch a buzz than it did when you were heavier.
  14. People might be nicer to you. Another one from the “infuriating but true” category, EatThis.com says that “after you’ve lost weight, it may feel like you’re going about your day-to-day in an alternate universe. People who once snubbed you may greet you with a smile, and people may also do little things like go out of their way to lend you a hand or hold doors for you.”
  15. Your allergies may get better. Obesity can make allergies worse because the added weight puts a strain on your respiratory system. Therefore, losing the weight means less strain during allergy season and easier breathing overall.

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