Derek’s Story

“My only regret is not having the bypass sooner.”

I first heard about Dr. Patterson & the Gastric Bypass procedure in mid-2012 from a friend at work. After doing quite a bit of research & seeing his weight loss, I decided to make an appointment with my primary physician. After talking it over with him, we decided that the bypass was the best procedure for me. In November 2012 I did the questionnaire on the Oregon weight loss website. This is when it all began. After going through the initial process, I met with the Oregon Weight Loss Surgery team and felt very encouraged by the caring staff and Dr. Patterson.
I followed their plan and had my surgery June 3, 2013. My peak weight in May 2013 was about 255lbs, today March 20, 2014- I weigh 157. Has it been easy? No, but by following their plan to the letter, my success and recovery have been incredible. I ate what they said to eat, drink lots of water and exercise was and still is a must!! It’s amazing at 100lbs lighter how fun exercise is. The key for me was high protein and low calories. I haven’t been this light or as in good of shape in over 20 years. In fact, I’m in better shape now at 45 than I was when I was 22. I keep a before picture on my phone; I look at it every so often & I’m still amazed after being heavy for most of my adult life, of how I look and feel! I got my life back!!

I am 100% off of my old medications that I was on prior to surgery. My only regret is not having the bypass sooner. I’m now an avid weight lifter and I’m planning on competing in a few obstacle races this Summer. I hope this has motivated someone in making a very serious decision to do something for yourself. Surgery’s not a cure-all, but with some hard work and dedication, it’s a great tool. Good luck all!

Update May 2014

“I haven’t felt this good since I was a teenager & I’m 45 now! I lost a total of 105 pounds since my heaviest.”

—Derek Lowe

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