Emily’s Story

“Having battled with my weight since puberty, I spent the majority of my life struggling with issues of low self-esteem, deprivation from constant dieting, and guilt over hundreds of failed attempts to lose weight. I was also on my way to high blood pressure and being pre-diabetic.”

A year ago I finally decided to break this cycle and undergo bariatric surgery. I contemplated my options and what would be the best tool for me and chose to have gastric bypass surgery through the Oregon Weight Loss Surgery program. I had little to no complications, just mild nausea for several months and I did grieve the loss of my favorite foods, especially in the first month. I have not felt hunger since the day I woke up from surgery. I carefully follow the nutrition plan that the dieticians have recommended and work out with a personal trainer 3 times a week. I remind myself that this is only a tool and I am still responsible for making smart choices.

As I’m nearing my one year anniversary I reflect on how much my life has changed. I have lost over 140 pounds and many dress sizes. I have a new found confidence from my personal life to my professional life. Each month brings new wow moments such as the first time I shopped in a regular clothing store, when I ran up the stairs and noticed that I wasn’t the least bit out of breath, and taking a plane not worrying about being cramped and anxious whether this would be the time that I need the seatbelt extender. I have considerably more energy and no longer just sit on the couch after a long day at work. I have been enjoying a summer of hiking, camping, and biking. I have been enjoying little summer dresses and even enjoyed purchasing this years bathing suit.
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