Jessica’s Story

“I was on 3 different medications to control my high blood pressure, 2 to control my type 2 diabetes, and 1 for my cholesterol.”

I was unable to be active with my children, I was worried about early death (I lost several family members to early death due to health issues), and had to cross off a lot of things I
wanted to do due to my weight/health.

I had considered weight loss surgery for nearly a decade before I finally decided to go for it. I was scared of the permanent changes to my life. I can be a little bit commitment shy. But the changes were easier than I thought they’d be, especially post surgery. It changed a lot of my “cravings”. Being diagnosed with medical problems and requiring so much intervention to control them really pushed me to go for it. What would I miss more? Bread or the rest of my life?

Working with Oregon Weight Loss Surgery has been SO EASY. I love Dr. Patterson. She’s a surgeon and as such straight to the point. I appreciate the no bs approach and that she’s real and realistic about each step. The supporting staff have been really helpful too.

Now I’m active in ways I wasn’t before.

I’ve gone on vacation and been able to fly comfortably. I was able to learn to scuba dive, swim coral reefs, and hike around without wearing out or joint pain. I’m able
to comfortably chase my kids, jog, work out, and generally enjoy life. I now run up the stairs without issue. Activities of daily living just are easier. I’d very much become the frog in the pot and hadn’t noticed how bad it had become in terms of how I felt. When I walk and exercise now I feel like I can run forever, I feel SO much lighter on my feet.

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