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“I am incredibly thankful to have been given this amazing gift, and I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been.”

I have been a Plus-Size Model since 2003, proudly representing beauty at any size, but I have always struggled with my weight. I was even cast on NBC’s television show “The Biggest Loser” in 2006. I lost a total of 70 pounds, getting down from 237 to 167 pounds while on the show.
As amazing as the experience of being on “The Biggest Loser” was, I gained back all of my weight and then some, ballooning up to 288 pounds over the next few years. Even at my highest weight, I ended up meeting and falling in love with the most amazing woman I have ever met. Vanna and I were married in 2010, and I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl Leilani in 2011.

As my personal life began to unfold in an incredibly positive direction, I realized that it was time to put my physical health first. Although the concept of “The Biggest Loser” is phenomenal, I did not continue the rigorous workout and diet that I learned on the show.

Having struggled with my weight since the age of 7, at the age of 34, it seems I had tried every diet under the sun. After endless months of research, I decided to have Gastric Sleeve Surgery. I underwent the procedure at the end of April 2013. At that point in my life, I was committed to making the weight loss surgery only be a tool, not the “end-all-be-all”.

With the help of Dr. Emma Patterson, Jason Kwiatkowski, Dr. Douglas Babbitt, Dulcie Ward, my personal trainer Marta Ciocca Vasino, the entire team at Oregon Weight Loss Surgery, my wife, family, and friends, I’m down to 156 pounds: down a total of 132 pounds since my highest weight of 288.

Down 114 pounds since surgery 15 months ago (and I’m under goal weight!) I am in the best shape of my life, I am working my butt off each and every day.

My entire lifestyle has changed in that; my family and I do our best to eat clean (lots of protein and veggies, low sugar, low carb, and I keep up on all of my supplements), I am walking every day, I am working out with a personal trainer several times a week, I am playing softball 8 months out of the year, and I am attending all of the follow-up visits with OWLS.

I am incredibly thankful to have been given this amazing gift, and I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been. I am going to continue on this journey for the rest of my life, so that I can be here to watch our daughter grow into an incredible human being, and accomplish all of my dreams!

Since Rasha had Gastric Sleeve Surgery in 2013, she has successfully kept off over 115 pounds, an is getting stronger each day. Rasha hired a Personal Trainer for the first two years post surgery to help start her fitness journey, and now practices yoga and walks to keep up with her cardio.

Rasha has made monthly meal plans focusing on high protein and low carb for her and her family since 2013, and enjoys food more now since she has had surgery, focusing more on flavors rather than quantity. Rasha has continued to play competitive softball, she has traveled all over with her wife and daughter, and has continued to model, representing beauty at any size.

Rasha is also a Podcast Host for TNT, and a Flight Attendant (she can finally fit into the jumpseat!), and has signed a book deal to write an inspirational book with her sister, Yvette Gentile. Rasha wants to inspire others to use weight loss surgery as a tool to live a healthier life. It’s not a quick fix, but a boost to help you live your BEST LIFE!

I have been video blogging since a few days after my surgery, and I blog on my YouTube Channel weekly, so that I can inspire others to go after their dreams, and take control of their health @youtube.com/RashaPecoraro

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Update 2019

I’m down to a maintenance weight of 170 pounds: down a total of 118 pounds since my highest weight of 288. I am in the best shape of my life, I am working my butt off each and every day.

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