Tim’s Story

“350 pounds waist size 48″ and suck it up,”

having to use seat belt extensions on air planes, having to hide my belly in family photos, getting winded going up stairs, having back and hip pain, not being able to use the slides at the water parks with my family.

I have been wanting it for about 3 years, I waited for it because I did not think the insurance company would pay for it, my primary care Doctor told me the insurance that I had would pay for most of it and she referred me to Dr. Patterson.

It has been 10 months now and I have lost 132 pounds exceeding my personal goal of 130 pounds after
1 year. I just got back from taking my family to the water park in northern Idaho, and my back and hip no
longer bother me, a lot of people have had positive remarks on my weight loss including my boss and

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