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Dr Emma Patterson Launches Informational Website: Doctors of Weight Loss

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Doctors of Weight Loss

Dr. Emma Patterson and Emma Squillace, co-founders of Doctors of Weight Loss, have brought together top bariatric surgeons from around the country to provide one of the best available resources for individuals who want to understand the latest research, news, and options for weight loss surgery.

“The popularity of bariatric surgery has increased exponentially. As more individuals choose this option for weight loss, we noticed a lack of quality resources available for people trying to find important information about obesity and bariatric surgery. We created doctorsofweightloss.com and brought together top professionals to give people an opportunity to get the latest news about weight loss, and information on where they can go to find preeminent bariatric surgeons,” says Dr. Patterson.

For more information, here is the press release about Dr. Patterson’s Doctors of Weight Loss launch.

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