Gastric Sleeve in the News

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Comedian and Celebrity Apprentice star, Lisa Lampanelli, has received a lot of attention recently, and not just for her sharp tongue or performance credits, but because she has lost 80 pounds after receiving weight loss surgery.  Lampanelli said in a recent interview with In Touch Magazine that she’s tried “every diet out there” without success, and has struggled with her weight for more than 30 years. Fed up with yo-yo dieting, and weighing 248 pounds, Lampanelli decided at age 51 that weight loss surgery was the next logical step. Less than 6 months after her surgery, she was down 80 pounds and fitting comfortably into a size 12. “The doctor who did my procedure explained that obesity risks are much greater than the risks for this surgery,” Lisa said. She explained that she was always an ‘overeater’ but since her procedure, finds herself getting full quickly.

The procedure Lampanelli chose to have is called Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery. While lesser known that the Lap-Band or gastric bypass, the procedure has been rapidly gaining in popularity in the last few years.  The Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure, commonly referred to as the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, Vertical Gastrectomy or the Sleeve, is a newer restrictive procedure where the majority of the stomach is removed, leaving a long tubular structure from the esophagus to the small intestine. Dr. Greg Walton, bariatric surgeon in Oklahoma that “prospective patients are drawn to the sleeve because no foreign bodies are placed around the stomach (as in gastric band surgery), nor is the GI tract rearranged (as in the gastric bypass)… Additionally, the majority of sleeve procedures performed today use a laparoscopic technique, which involves very small incisions (generally smaller than 1 centimeter each). Laparoscopic surgery usually results in a shorter hospital stay, faster recovery, smaller scars, and less pain than traditional surgical procedures.”

Several major insurance providers cover the sleeve and the friendly staff at Oregon Weight Loss Surgery are happy to work with you to figure out if your insurance will cover the procedure. You can learn more about the sleeve here or by calling our office at 503 227-5050.

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