3 Simple Ways to Lose Belly Fat (Based on Science)

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As we get older, our metabolism slows down, and the pounds can add up easier. Abdominal fat — aka visceral fat — is linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and fatty liver, so it’s important to try to lose excess fat in that area. Not only will your waistline look and feel better, but you will be able to reap the benefits of living a healthier, longer life. Here are some simple ways to lose belly fat — three simple ways, to be exact, although there are many more.

#1: Avoid excessive intake of sugar.

Sugar additives are unhealthy, so it is crucial that we avoid sugary drinks, snacks, and desserts. When you eat a lot of sugar, it is difficult for your liver to digest because it’s overloaded with fructose and turns it into fat. Large amounts of fructose mean fat in the belly and liver will accumulate and this can lead to metabolic problems as well as a resistance to insulin.

#2: Eat more protein and fewer carbohydrates.

A high-protein diet curbs hunger and boosts your metabolism. Protein-rich foods that you should integrate into your diet include seafood, legumes, fish, whole eggs, and nuts. If you increase your protein intake and restrict carbs, the combination is very effective in weight loss. A plant-based diet focused on lots of vegetables is healthy and increases the amount of fiber in your diet.

#3: Get moving.

Studies show that physical activity and exercise combined with a healthy diet is one of the best ways to see weight loss results, especially in the amount of fat in the abdominal area. Sit-ups, running, resistance band exercises, aerobic workouts at home, or walking a few laps around an exercise track or the neighborhood are great ways to integrate fitness into your daily routine.An African American couple holding beverages and smiling about their weight loss

Regular exercise will not only help you shed extra pounds and keep them off, but it can also help reduce inflammation and lower your blood sugar levels and help you sleep better. You can also lift weights; they don’t need to be that heavy. This increased workload will reap rewards across all parts of your body. Increased muscle leads to fat loss, too!

A healthy, active lifestyle with a well-rounded diet, plus aerobic and strength training exercises, are keys to losing abdominal fat. Take the steps to change eating patterns and integrate a fitness routine into your busy days. You will see health benefits and results that transform your body and your state of mind.

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