Is Gastric Balloon Covered by Insurance?

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gastric balloon
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Oregon Weight Loss Surgery (OWLS) offers a variety of procedures for those seeking relief from obesity and weight-related problems — from gastric banding and bypass to gastric sleeves and weight-loss balloons.

Each of these procedures has their relative benefits and risks, pros and cons. The friendly and expert staff at OWLS can help answer any questions you may have about these various procedures.

But one question which consistently pops up has to do with insurance. We wanted to take a little time to address this question as it pertains to one specific procedure: the gastric balloon.

Gastric Balloon

Oregon Weight Loss Surgery now offers the Orbera weight loss balloon. This is a silicone balloon placed inside of the stomach during a short outpatient procedure. In short, the balloon restricts the amount of food you must eat before feeling full, thus leading to weight loss. The FDA approves the Orbera for patients with a BMI between 30 and 40. (Check out our BMI calculator.)

The Orbera Intragastric Balloon is a temporary procedure, and a second procedure is required to remove the balloon after about six months.

Sounds great, right? But what about insurance? Does insurance pay for gastric balloon?

Is Gastric Balloon Covered by Insurance?

Is orbera covered by insurance? Currently, no, we are not aware of any insurance that covers this very new procedure. That’s why it’s important to speak with your specific insurance company to discuss if their policies have recently been updated for this procedure.

Insurers who do cover the procedure are likely to require a few things before approval, so it’s good to know answers to the following questions:

  • Are you in-network?
  • Where will this procedure take place?
  • What is your insurance coverage?
  • Do you have a copay?
  • What is your deductible?

Oregon Weight Loss Surgery

If you’re asking yourself, “Am I a candidate for weight-loss surgery?”, then please take a moment to look over the information we’ve compiled that speaks to this query.

Contact Oregon Weight Loss Surgery at 503-227-5050 for all the details.<

Remember, insurance for weight-loss surgery varies; some companies may only pay for a specific surgical procedure, for example. At Oregon Weight Loss Surgery, we recommend that potential patients call their insurance companies — or their employer’s human resources department — for information.

We’re happy to offer weight-loss surgery financing options if your particular insurer does not cover our procedures, including information on weight-loss surgery self-pay. And remember: Once you’re on the way to the new you, there may be tremendous cost savings.

Please call 503-227-5050 to speak to the Oregon Weight Loss Surgery insurance coordinator.

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