Three Full-Body Workouts For Health and Strength

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3 Full-Body Workouts

It’s no secret: Bariatric surgery has been proven time and time again to help people lose weight. Also no secret: A committed, sustainable regimen of diet and exercise will help post-bariatric-surgery patients keep the weight off. It will also help them stay healthy — in both mind and body — and strong. There are plenty of good full-body workouts to keep you moving — either before or after you’ve had weight-loss surgery. Which one might work best for you is something we can discuss as part of our overall program of health and wellness.

At Oregon Weight Loss Surgery, we’ve practiced the art and science of weight-loss surgery for many years. Our most successful clients commit to a lifestyle of diet and exercise post-surgery.

With this in mind, we thought we’d offer a brief overview of three full-body workouts that can contribute to a healthier you.

We approached this subject with three questions in mind:

  1. What are some full-body workouts for cutting body fat?
  2. What are good full-body workouts for weight loss?
  3. What exercises help to quickly lose weight in the gym?

Remember to speak with your primary care provider before beginning any exercise program.

Let’s get to it!

Full-Body Workouts

A few quick notes:

  • We limited ourselves to finding workouts that required nothing more than you and your exercise outfit (and maybe a dumbbell or two). In other words, you won’t need expensive equipment or weight-training machines or bench presses in order to perform these exercises.
  • Remember to use proper form and take it slow and easy for the first few weeks. You don’t want to injure yourself and set back your exercise routine.
  • Try to work yourself up to higher reps before moving on to heavier weights. You can also increase the number of sets.

Also: Be sure to take rest periods and rest days during your full-body training exercises. Decide how many times per week or which days per week you can exercise — and then stick to it!

Many of these exercises build muscle growth in several body parts and across several major muscle groups. Thus, with these full-body workout routines, you’ll gain muscle, which will, in turn, lead to fat loss.

Finally, please remember that this is presented to you for informational purposes only. As we mentioned above, it’s always best to speak with your doctor about which exercise plan is right for you. The exercises below are working sets, with compound movements and a full rep range, so be careful — and be sure to stretch and warm up first.

Pretty soon, you’ll be stronger and you’ll feel that rush of endorphins that only exercise can provide.

Don’t give up! We’re rooting for you.

Quick Total-Body Workout

This workout includes moves that you probably remember from gym class mixed with a few higher-level maneuvers. As illustrated by the folks at BuzzFeed, you’ll work through a circuit of maneuvers designed to provide overall muscle tone while focusing on your core and improved flexibility. It consists of a series of lunges, pushups (lots of pushups), and walkouts. As with the other workouts listed below, this one can be modified according to better fit your particular physical abilities and fitness level. For example, you can reduce the number of reps per exercise until you build up enough strength and endurance to perform them all.

The 10-Minute Workout

MyFitnessPal provides a few variations of some of our favorite exercises. We like this group of exercises because it hits all the major muscle groups in a short amount of time. Please note that you can use dumbbells if you prefer, but the workout does wonders with simple body mechanics. It includes lunges, squats, pushups, and a few more. These aren’t easy to do, especially if you’re just beginning. And it requires an extreme amount of energy exertion to squeeze in as many reps as possible in 10 minutes. But stick with it, and you’ll see that in a few weeks, you’ll already be feeling more toned and stronger. Plus, it gets your heart racing! Resistance training plus cardiovascular benefits equal a great full-body workout.

The 20-Minute Workout

This workout steps up the intensity as well as the time frame. Once again, no equipment is required to reap the rewards. Created by a personal trainer and instructor, each customizable workout session includes basic movements, such as jumping jacks, and more difficult maneuvers that will likely take some practice. For example, the workout calls for a “Plank-Up to Frogger” move that’s quite a feat. Fortunately, provides helpful demonstrations of each move plus scaled-down versions in case you find the originals too challenging.

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