The Role of Exercise and Physical Activity in Weight Management

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The role of exercise and physical activity in weight loss can’t be overstated. It is an absolutely critical component of maintaining a healthy weight and improving health and wellbeing — not just for a short time, but for a lifetime.

Oregon Weight Loss Surgery recommends a routine of physical activity and exercise for all our patients who are physically able. Best thing is, it doesn’t take much to get started on a routine and to stick with it. In fact, most experts recommend just 45 minutes to 60 minutes of at least moderate physical activity several days a week.

That means one can improve one’s health and maintain a stable weight with just a few hours of activity per week. It has also been shown to improve mood and emotional wellbeing.

An African American man stretching his legModerate activity includes walking at a brisk pace. This can be especially helpful for those patients who are older. It can also encourage exercise in people who may be experiencing ailments unrelated to their weight loss surgery that prevent them from engaging in intense physical activities.

Just A Nice Walk A Few Times Per Week

Of course, there are many different types of exercise that one can partake in to maintain a healthy weight. We mention walking because it’s a relatively manageable exercise that doesn’t take anything more than a comfortable pair of shoes.

It’s also a good exercise for people who want to ease their way into physical activity. Many of our patients have never had a regimen of physical activity. It’s one of many reasons why they have been unable to keep the weight off. Walking allows for a gradual increase in speed, distance, and the addition of hills into a routine as a person’s stamina and strength increase.

Once a person establishes a routine of exercise and physical activity, then it’s easier to incorporate other aerobic exercises as well as strength training. Some of our former patients have gone on to run marathons and 5Ks. This is due in no small part to the weight loss surgery. But it’s also due to a dedication to exercise and to increasing amounts of physical activities.

Oregon Weight Loss Surgery

As with any regimen of physical activity, talk to your doctor about what’s right for you. As we mentioned above, there are some activities that are off-limits to certain people due to physical and health limitations. But there is always something that can be done. Plus, with advances in sports medicine, many activities which were once off-limits are now available to more and more people.

The role of exercise and physical activity in weight loss is one of several things that can be done to maintain a stable and healthy weight. Regular physical activity helps people lose weight and keep it off. It lowers blood pressure and has many other health benefits, including helping the body fight off chronic diseases.

Finally, with an eating plan that provides the proper amounts of nourishment over the long term, an increase in physical activity levels provides a wide range of health benefits. Even a few minutes of moderate-intensity exercises and aerobic activity a day can prevent weight gain and other ailments that can lead to poor health outcomes across the board.

Regardless of the intensity, activity focused on exercise and eating well is the way to a bright and healthy future.

Get in touch with Oregon Weight Loss Surgery today to see if you may be a candidate for weight loss surgery. Then we get to talking about how to keep the weight off for the rest of your life with a fun and invigorating schedule of physical activities.

Our Staff

Oregon Weight Loss Surgery is staffed by a caring and professional team of weight loss experts. We’re dedicated to providing patients with the most comprehensive suite of weight loss surgery options to be found anywhere.

We take the time to learn about the patients in our care. We are humbled and blessed that our bariatric patients often refer their friends and family members to us. It’s the simple truth that we have dedicated our lives to modern weight loss surgery techniques. We love to assist our patients in finding their way to a new and healthier lifestyle.

Take a look at the information we’ve provided about Dr. Emma Patterson and our resident dietitian, Dulcie Ward. Dr. Patterson found her passion for bariatric surgery while performing a fellowship in advanced laparoscopic surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. She has over twenty years of experience and performed more than 5,000 bariatric surgeries.

Dulcie, meanwhile, will be your guide to a better and healthier you! How? By focusing her talents and harnessing her expertise as a certified diabetes educator.

Dulcie studied nutritional sciences at Cornell University. She earned her dietetic internship at the University of Virginia. Her approach fits in perfectly with our work as bariatric surgeons and in our advocacy for the role of exercise and physical activity. She’ll provide a whole-body approach to your post-surgery nutrition.

Get in touch with us today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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