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Bariatric Surgery Effectiveness Is Well Established

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Bariatric surgery is extremely effective — although it’s not for everybody, and not everybody is a candidate for a weight loss procedure. If after reading this short blog post you think you might be a candidate, be sure to complete an informational seminar on bariatric surgeries to help increase your knowledge and to help you…

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How Much Does Gastric Bypass Cost?

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Let’s say you’ve decided you’re a candidate for weight-loss surgery. You’ve considered the pros and cons; you’re familiar with the benefits and risks associated with weight-loss surgical procedures; you know what obesity is, and you’ve examined the various weight-loss surgery options available to you. You’ve even become a bit of an expert on the different…

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The Best Ways to Relieve Joint Pain

Relieve joint pain by losing weight.

Our joints endure a lot of stress over an extended period of time. If you’re experiencing joint pain for any reason, it can be frustrating, and of course, painful. Luckily, there are steps we can all take to minimize joint pain and live a more active, comfortable life.  Exercise Exercise can relieve joint pain on…

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